Apr 192017

All natural Bobbex has proven to work in repelling deer from flower beds, trees & shrubs.  It holds well after rain and offers 8-10 days of protection.  Available in 3 different sizes, including concentrate, ready-to-use, and a hand-held pump.

Apr 192017

Bring a friend and come out for an evening of learning and creativity!  Plant material and containers are available for purchase and experienced staff are willing to offer lots of advice and help.  For more information or to sign up, please phone the greenhouses at 937-5239.  This will be the only workshop we are offering this spring, so don’t miss out!

May 042016

We have a wide selection of options for Mom, from simple to extravagant!  Simple Gift Certificates, maybe a potted rose or hanging basket.  Come in and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

May 182014

Looking for something unique?  Have a planter, but not sure what to put in it?  Don’t have time or space to do it yourself?

Let Schmidt’s create a custom planter for you!   Planters, baskets, moss baskets, whatever you can put plants in.  Tell us what you want, or trust our talented staff to make something that will thrive through the summer and look great!

May 122014

The staff at Schmidt’s are excited that we are able to once again offer our one year guarantee on selected nursery stock, including shade trees, fruit trees and assorted shrubs.  We recognize the risk involved in planting live goods, so we want to help protect your investment!


Our Nursery Guarantee


We promise to replace DEAD guaranteed nursery product* within one year of the purchase date, provided that all proper planting and care instructions have been followed.


Guarantees may be purchased for most trees and shrubs.


$10 for items over $30

$5 for items under $30


All guarantees include a


30L bag of planting soil &

a package of bonemeal.



This guarantee does not cover:

            • Partial die-off

            • Damage due to deer, rodents, etc

            • Damage from trimmers or mowers

            • Zone 4+ product


*Guarantee does not include 1 gal stock, roses, perennials, vines or sale items

** Please do not bring the dead product to the greenhouse. We only require photographic proof along with the written guarantee and receipt.

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